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Step by Step Instructions to Start a Successful YouTube Channel and Make Money Out of It [PART – 1]

The best way to come up with topics is to look at the things that interest you the most or the things

Getting Ready [PART – 1]

This guide contains step by step instructions to start a successful YouTube channel and make money out of it.

So, let’s get started.

Before you can venture out and create your first YouTube channel, you must do initial research create a detailed plan to execute. Take the following steps to ensure that you are taking the right steps and your YouTube channel will be a success in the long run.

Step 1: Select your topic or an area of interest
Believe me or not but this is the most important step. First, you need to find a topic for your YouTube channel.

The best way to come up with topics is to look at the things that interest you the most or the things that you are passionate about, make a list of such things and see if you can make a channel based on them. Usually, a channel created on specific topics work better on YouTube, but I’ll suggest you select a general topic (gaming, fitness, cooking, etc.) then focus on a specific subsection in the beginning and cover other subsections as you grow.

For example, if you are a gym trainer and you decide to create a channel where you plan to publish videos on various body exercises.

Start by creating videos focusing on a specific subsection such as exercises to lose belly fat, as your channel grows, publish videos on exercises to lose whole body weight and so on. Following this strategy helps you to build a loyal following and also builds an interactive community where your audience can interact with each other.

Before you move on to the next step, I suggest you shortlist at least five topics for your channel.
Below, I am suggesting few broad niches along with few examples which work best on YouTube.

Use them to start your thinking process.

  1. Tutorials

Example ideas –
Powerpoint tutorials
Photoshop tutorials
Makeup tutorials
Haircut tutorials

  1. Technology
    Example ideas –
    Product Unboxing
    Technology tips and tricks
    Technology hacks
    Technology updates
    Product Reviews
  2. Gaming
    Example ideas –
    Gameplay coverage
    Game reviews
    Gaming tips and tricks
  3. How to Guides
    Example ideas –
    How to create a website
    How to create a mobile app
    How to play chess
    How to play guitar
  4. Health and Fitness
    Example ideas –
    Body exercises
    Meal and supplements
    Diet Tips
  5. Recipes
    Example ideas –
    Vegan recipes
    Paleo recipes
    Cupcakes and cookies
  6. Entertainment
    Example ideas –
    Funny videos
    Cute animal videos
    Slow motion videos
    Strange videos

Step 2: Verifying the profitability of your niche

Once you’ve completed Step 1 and have shortlisted few topics, it’s the time to verify whether these topics are profitable or not. Just being knowledgeable or passionate about any topic is not enough to build a profitable YouTube channel, you need to make sure that your topic has enough audience size and profit potential to meet your income goals.

To verify if your niche is profitable or not take the following steps:
1. Dig out right keywords with good search volume – Go to Google’s Keyword Planner and
type in the topics you’ve shortlisted, and check whether there is enough search volume for the main and related keywords. Select only the keywords which have at least 1000 searches per month; this will ensure that your keyword will also get a good number of searches on YouTube.

2. Find video keywords – Video keywords are the ones who return YouTube video results on the first page when searched in Google. When you are just starting out you must find out video keywords in your niche and then create videos related to them. It will help you to get your videos ranked and displayed in Google search results which will get you traffic from Google as well instead of from just YouTube. To verify whether a keyword is video keyword or not, just paste the keyword into Google search bar and see if any video ranks on the first page of the search results.

Step 3 – Define your target audience
If you want to be successful on YouTube you need to create videos for a target audience, to do this, you must conduct some initial research to define your target audience.

Finding answers to the following questions will help you to define your target audience.
1.  Which kind of an audience is my target?
You need to create a persona of the ideal audience who will get attracted towards your video.
Narrow down your ideal audience by finding the answers to the following questions:

What is the gender of your target audience (Male, Female or Both)?
What is their age group?
Do they belong to certain country or location?
Are they beginner, intermediate or expert?
What is the size of your audience?

For example, if you are a gym trainer and you decide to create videos on belly fat reducing exercises then your target audience will be worldwide male or female population in the age group of 30 to 60. The best way to find the answers to all the questions mentioned above is to look at channels of other people who created videos around the same topic as yours. Observe, how many views their videos are getting? How many subscribers does their channel have? How likes, dislikes and interactive comments their videos have? Observing all these things will help you to get an idea about your audience size, the kind of videos they like, their expectations and so on. Large number views and subscribers is a good sign which indicates that your topic’s audience is large and has the potential to generate thousands of views for your videos.

2. What does your audience want to achieve?
Now this is the important aspect you need to determine. You need to find out what are your audiences’ goals are and how your videos can help them to achieve them. Are they looking to lose their weight? Learn to play guitar? Make arts and crafts? Or Just want to get entertained. The goal could be anything, but your videos should help your audience to achieve their goals.
For example, if you are a makeup artist and you decide to create a channel on makeup tutorials then the goals of your audience will be to look better when they go out for a party, a date, a trip, a business presentation and so on.

3. How can you share the knowledge using video format?
Only determining the goals isn’t enough, you’ll also need to determine whether it’s suitable to share the knowledge with your audience in video format. Although video will suit in most of the cases, it won’t just fit in few. For example, it might be suitable to record belly fat reducing exercises and make a video of it. But video won’t suit when you want to provide detailed instructions, writing a document might be more suitable for it Based your research till now, in this stage, you’ll have to narrow down your audience, their goals and determine what knowledge shared in video format will them to achieve their goals. Secondly, you’ll also have to think about what your audience expects in a video.

Do they want whiteboard videos? Hands-on session? Step by step tutorial? And so on.

For example, if you’re uploading a video of a makeup tutorial, in this case, it might be more suitable to record a hands-on session in which you are actually doing someone’s makeup rather than just giving instructions and talking in front of a camera.


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